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Monday, April 24, 2017

Gaye & Nick

On a gorgeous day in February, Gaye and Nick were married at the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute, an amazing wedding venue in Ballarat, not often used as a wedding venue, but it should! It's a stunning old building, a significant piece of Ballarat's history, which was built in 1859. But, I digress. I was so thrilled to have been asked to officiate Nick and Gaye's wedding as I have known Nick since 1997, and he is a dear friend. It was so nice to meet all his close family and friends and to be the one to marry him to the beautiful Gaye, who looked stunning. The photographer was Jeremy, from Jeremy Bannister Photography, and the images are beautiful. What I loved about this day was the relaxed atmosphere, and mingling with the crowd who were so delighted to be celebrating with the bride and groom. Congrats Gaye and Nick, your day was one of my faves xx

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  1. This is an immaculate location for a party, wedding, or other special event. Incredible views and classy interior. I have been to a few parties here and they have been really well done. The wedding venues were perfect for mingling. The courtyard was beautifully decorated as well.